whats up guys! its ya girl ottoman—couch!!!! i’m gonna be blogsitting while dalia’s jetsettin all over the world, so i’ll be answering questions and reblogging some VW stuff while she’s away! of course i’m gonna shamelessly self promote so if you like what you see on this blog for the next couple of weeks feel free to follow me on my own blog! catch ya later 


Dalston Superstore: So as well as being a DJ and a producer, you’re also the bassist in indie rock band Vampire Weekend and you score film soundtracks…what else do you turn your hand to creatively?
Chris Baio: Right now most of my projects are musical. Backstage in San Francisco the other day I sewed the collar on this red jacket to look different & found that I really enjoyed the process. Maybe I’ll get really into knitting in my advanced 20′s. 

okay okay so Rachel ottoman—couch will be blogsitting my blog when I’m away starting tomorrow all the way until August 11th!!!!!! I’m gonna be in Japan and Australia but whenever I get wifi (which will be rare) I’ll pop in but!!!!!!!!!! Rachel is awesome she is my bae so yeah!!!! see ya guys soon!!!!



I made this for something else, but why not put it here?
One of my favorite songs~